Behind the brand: Baxters, a Scottish success story

Behind the brand: Baxters, a Scottish success story

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Established in Fochabers in 1868, Baxters has grown over four generations into a global organisation with a range of leading brands and over 160 products in their portfolio. Offering everything from soup and jams to pickles and curds, their commitment to quality has remained unwavering. Katy Baxter, Head of Marketing & E-Commerce, talks to egg about the iconic Scottish brand…

baxters of scotland

What makes Baxters stand out from the crowd?

We are known and loved by the nation for favourite timeless pantry staples, such as Baxters soups, jams, chutneys and beetroot, that have been enjoyed by Scottish families for multiple generations.

At the heart of our success is our ethos to ‘be different, be better’, which is as relevant to us today as it was over 150 years ago. We are enhancing our current range and creating exciting new products in response to consumer demand, such as our popular gherkins, kimchi and sauerkraut.

Baxters has evolved a lot since George Baxter opened his small grocery business selling jams to locals. What has been the most significant change?

The scale of our business and the diversity of our products and the sectors in which we operate. However, our ethos to ‘be different, be better’ is a constant. We’re extremely proud of our heritage and humble beginnings in Fochabers, Moray, where our flagship factory is still based. It’s situated near the original grocery store where Baxters started life.

This deep connection to our roots, combined with our commitment to quality and innovation, and our team of hard-working employees, continues to drive our success.

Is Baxters still family-owned?

We are proud to remain a family-run business, with fourth and fifth generation family members continuing to lead and drive the business forward. Audrey Baxter, 4th generation, is our Executive Chairman and Group CEO. I am the 5th generation, Head of Marketing & Ecommerce.

baxters of scotland

We love your foodie gift ideas. Tell us about the hampers.

We launched Baxters Hampers in 2022. The high-end food and drink hampers are hand-curated and filled to the brim with only the finest Scottish produce sourced off the beaten track.

baxters of scotland

Sounds delicious. What kind of products do you include in hampers?

Expect all of your favourite Baxters products including soups, chutneys, jams, pickles, kimchi, condiments, sauces and more. We take special care to include some of our older, cherished products that may be harder to find in your local supermarket for a nostalgic surprise. Beetroot in redcurrant jelly is one of them!

Exclusive to our hampers is our Audrey Baxter signature products, which bring exceptionally premium recipes to the forefront of our hampers. These include unique jams, chutneys, jellies and curds, such as our special Piccachilli or Passionfruit & Mango Curd.

Additionally, we offer a range of alcoholic tipples such as Baxters Speyside Single Malt Whisky, Glenrinnes Gin, Esterlin Champagne, and selection of fine wines which have been expertly approved for your hamper.

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Your best-selling hamper?

The Traditional Baxters Hamper – it contains 12 of our most popular products from the last 150 years as well as a unique Baxters wooden spoon and spurtle to stir your soup with.

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Egg members receive 15% off the hamper range when shopping on the Baxters of Scotland website. Find out more here. Happy shopping!

For more information on Baxters visit You’ll find an array of delicious hampers here.


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