Spotlight on… Mel MacIntyre, Coach & Business Strategist

Spotlight on… Mel MacIntyre, Coach & Business Strategist

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Mel grew up in Edinburgh and had a successful global career before having a breakdown in 2014. After a career break to heal and determine where she could make the biggest difference with her skills, she set up a coaching and consultancy business specialising in empowering women to create financial and time freedom through leading profitable, purposeful businesses. She now lives on the remote, beautiful, Hebridean island of Eriskay with her partner Charlie and her son, Maximilian. Here she shares her story and top tips for women feeling lost or ready for more…

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Tell us a bit about what you do

As a Business Strategist and Executive Coach specialising in feminine high performance and leading at your highest level, my work typically includes spotting opportunities to help clients create new offers and reach more people through their marketing. I also help prioritise balance for personal and family life. My clients could be transitioning out of their corporate career to set up their own business, focused on growing and scaling an existing business or perhaps already leading a multi 7 figure business. I love the diversity. It sets my soul on fire!

How did you make the jump from 9-5 to business owner?

I leapt before I was ready! I needed to do more meaningful work that made a bigger difference. Being of service to others and creating positive change is really important to me. I relentlessly focused on investing in myself, learnt new skills and found a brilliant mentor who role modelled what I wanted to create. I started taking action and pushed through a lot of fear and resistance!

What makes you get out of bed in the morning?

Creating a more equitable world for us all. And helping women create wealth and financial freedom whilst sharing their gifts and talents without shame. I have an uncanny knack for helping my clients earn more money quickly which lights me up so much!

What type of clients do you work with and how can you help someone?

Women who are at a turning point in their lives who feel ready to take the leap to reach their next level of impact and income. They may be in a career that feel unfulfilling, nearing burnout and know something needs to change. I also help women conceive, launch and scale their businesses with a firm focus on creating a business that gives you the lifestyle that you really want whilst also creating the impact you long for.

What are you most proud about?

Navigating a lot of really challenging life events after my burnout and managing to stay healthy and not sink back into depression and ill health. 2 weeks after I signed up my first client my dad received a terminal cancer diagnosis, so my first year of business was spent caring for him and helping him come to terms not just physically but also spiritually and emotionally about the end of his life. It was a deeply profound and transformative time for us both and I became a woman I didn’t know I was capable of being. It will always be one of my greatest achievements.


Your top tips for someone setting up their own business?

Learn to trust your instincts and make decisions quickly. There will be times when you take one step forward, start to doubt yourself and then pull back. This can waste a lot of energy and significantly slow down the pace of cash flow and revenue. So, the most important thing I help clients with is feeling confident, informed and empowered to get into momentum and start making things happen quickly.

Best part of your job?

My clients! Seeing them grow in confidence, take risks and follow their dreams. I pinch myself every day I get to work with such amazing humans and help them unlock their potential.

Who inspires you?

Women who are leading the way and showing us what’s possible to achieve. I also feel inspired by my son on a daily basis. Kids see the world in such a pure, unfiltered way.

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Your top tip for working mums?

Put your own needs above all others, even your kids. I know this may seem triggering and unrealistic, but you really owe it to them, yourself and your mission to be crystal clear on your non-negotiable habits and practices that keep you healthy, happy and whole. Even if it’s 5 minutes a day to check in with yourself and understand how you feel and what you need. It doesn’t always have to be a big commitment. Small, simple practices done consistently are much more effective than unrealistic aims that take hours and are done once in a blue moon!

Fun fact?

The coaching mentor who trained me in the performance framework also coaches Oprah!

How do you spend your weekend?

Renovating, painting, cleaning, decluttering and tidying…! We are building our dream home and although we’ve made some great progress and can start to enjoy the space, anyone who has done building work knows how disruptive, dirty and dusty it is!

Your rally cry for other women in business?

Shine your light brightly and authentically in the way only you can. Never dim your light to fit in. It's what gives you an edge in the marketplace and distinction for your brand. And don't forget to have FUN!

Mel MacIntyre offers exclusive rates for egg members, and is hosting a free Masterclass on 3rd May, 1pm, called Turn Your Light On. Register here or check out her website here. She also offers a full framework and business incubator programme dedicated to women setting up their own business.

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