Spotlight on: Heather Thompson-Barker, owner of Sano Studio

Spotlight on: Heather Thompson-Barker, owner of Sano Studio

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Edinburgh-born Heather has a deep passion for wellbeing and a background in award-winning international Spa Management. Here the Pilates instructor, business owner and mum of two talks to egg about the importance of self-care and how Reformer Pilates transformed her body and life…

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Why is self-care so important?

It’s the foundation for a happy life. As the phrase goes, "you can't fill from an empty cup." In our modern day lives, we are constantly pulled in opposing directions trying to ensure we keep everyone happy, don't offend anyone and don't let people down. The bar is set high, particularly for women.

Emotional and hormonal fluctuations are part of everyone's normal life (not just women, I might add!) but we're all expected to be balanced, polite and happy at all times. When self-care isn't prioritised, simple things like these become very challenging. This means when bigger problems come along unexpectedly, they are unmanageable, resulting in stress and anxiety.

3 tips or tricks to help someone’s wellbeing

  • In times of stress, focus on the present moment. Go for a walk and notice the small things like smelling freshly cut grass, the clouds passing through the sky or your breath. Nothing in the past or future for at least a couple of minutes.
  • Tell yourself you love yourself in the mirror, repeat it until you believe it - much harder to do than you think.
  • Write down 3 positive affirmations on a piece of paper and carry them around with you. Read them whenever you need them.

When did you launch Sano Studio?

In 2019, in my little garage at home. It had been a lifelong dream to run my own business. When we returned from living in New Zealand, I needed a flexible job to work around my kids. I decided it was time to believe in myself and Sano Studio was born. At the end of last year, we moved into our new studio in Morningside. I couldn’t be happier.

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Why Reformer Pilates?

My physio recommended it after I tore a ligament in my pelvis during childbirth - absolute agony, I've never experienced pain like it and that's including a broken femur! I used Reformer Pilates to gradually build my strength back up.

How has it helped you?

It’s transformed my body and my life. I decided to retrain as an instructor after being in the Beauty Industry as a manager for years. I've never looked back and continue to get stronger - even though I'm getting older. I'm the strongest I have ever been and manage to stay (mostly) injury free, which is almost a miracle considering I would end up injured every few weeks pre-Pilates!

I have a genetic condition that affects the way my body produces collagen. I have always been active but never been able to partake in contact sports as my bones are brittle and prone to break with impact. In my childhood, I used to have to sit out PE and broke around 15 bones! Pilates keeps me active and feeling great.

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Is Pilates suitable for everyone?

Absolutely. It doesn't matter your fitness level or ability. You could be battling a chronic disease, undergoing Cancer treatment or be a professional sportsperson, or just a regular I want to get stronger and not feel stiff! We can adapt the machine and the exercises to suit everyone, I even have a client that can't walk.

Sano Studio is located at 2-8 Millar Crescent, Morningside. They offer weekly Reformer and Mat Pilates. A full range of beauty treatments including waxing, AlumierMD facials and LVL lash lifts. Massage, Reiki and a whole host of lifestyle treatments. There’s a Breathwork and Soundbath Class at 11am on the last Saturday of every month.

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