egg meets... the latest recruits of Scotland’s leading estate agents, Gilson Gray

egg meets... the latest recruits of Scotland’s leading estate agents, Gilson Gray

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Our egg partners Gilson Gray are expanding and they’ve just added two more faces to their already strong female team. Regional sales manager Jenny and new business advisor Jilly have years of experience in the property industry, here they talk to egg about their journey, share top tips for property buyers and reveal areas they’d most like to live…

jenny gilson gray

Jenny Carswell

East Lothian-raised Jenny attributes her strong work ethic to her farming heritage. She moved to the Scottish capital to further her career and has now spent nearly a decade in the property industry, navigating private and off-market sales, estate agency, and portfolio management. She joined Gilson Gray earlier this year and has never looked back.

Tell us about your role at Gilson Gray?

As the Regional Sales Manager of the estate agency team at Gilson Gray, I dedicate myself to delivering optimal service and results. I am tasked with achieving the best results for clients, negotiating offers, introducing properties to the market, and ensuring a smooth process during what may be a challenging time for clients. 

Describe a typical working day?

In the fast-paced world of estate agency, each day involves a mix of client meetings, property updates, and negotiations. Mornings begin with email checks and schedule reviews, setting the tone for a day filled with dynamic interactions. Engaging with clients, understanding their needs and providing market insights are pivotal. Property assessments contribute to effective marketing strategies and negotiating deals demands attention to detail.

Best part of your job?

Seeing so many beautiful homes and achieving the best results for clients. Witnessing the joy in their voices after a successful sale brings immense satisfaction. Client feedback, expressing contentment with the service and the positive impact on their property, serves as continual motivation for me to pursue excellence.

gilson gray

Your top tip for property sellers and buyers?

Sellers should focus on presenting their property in its best light by decluttering and enhancing curb appeal. Getting an accurate valuation via a local estate agent ensures a competitive asking price. It is worth discussing your property with an experienced estate agent to develop a comprehensive marketing strategy, including high-quality visuals and engaging descriptions, is vital. Preparing all legal documentation in advance expedites the selling process, it is always worth considering an estate agent that can also cover the conveyancing for you under one roof.

When purchasing a property, preparation is key. Start by getting pre-approved for a mortgage to understand your budget. Research the market thoroughly, attend multiple viewings, and consider a professional home inspection. Seek legal advice early on and be ready to negotiate wisely, keeping in mind your priorities and limits. Evaluate properties based on their proximity to amenities and potential future developments in the area. Working closely with a real estate agent and legal professional will streamline the buying process and ensure a well-informed decision.

After work, where do you like to unwind?

I love to head out to my farm in North Berwick. The local community are fantastic. It’s always been home to me.

What do you love most about Edinburgh?

The vibrant atmosphere, rich history, stunning architecture, cultural diversity and its people. The warmth, friendliness, and sense of community make the city feel like a welcoming and inclusive home.

stockbridge edinburgh

Your dream street to live on?

I’d combine Circus Lane in Stockbridge with Gamekeeper's Road in Cramond. It would have such a unique blend of urban charm and natural tranquillity. Circus Lane offers picturesque cobblestone streets, historic architecture whilst Gamekeeper's Road provides a peaceful, suburban setting and waterfront views.

Fun fact about you?

I’ve almost mastered sign language. I’ve been learning it since my early years, influenced by having parents who are deaf.

What’s on your Christmas wish list?

A house! Working in Estate Agency and seeing so many beautiful properties every day makes me want to purchase my own even more!

jilly gilson gray

Jilly McGechie

Originally from Perth, 31-year-old Jilly lived in Dundee and settled in Edinburgh. She’s worked for a range of companies including Your Move and Dandara Homes but moved to

Gilson Gray because of their company values and emphasis on staff wellbeing.

Tell us about your role at Gilson Gray? I am a New Business advisor which is an incredibly fun and busy job. I am the buyers first point of contact for when they want to want to note interest or submit an offer on a property, I love that I get to be involved in one of the biggest decisions some people will ever make. I aim to make it as stress free as possible and answer any questions they may have along the way.

Describe a typical working day? Every day is different which is what makes this job so exciting. After my obligatory coffee, mornings tend to be spent checking in with clients that are offering at a closing date and preparing their offers to be submitted then the rest of the morning and early afternoon is spent picking up leads that come in from our introducers such as First Mortgage or Your Move then late afternoon can be spent negotiating offers for clients and preparing files to be passed over to the On-boarding team.

What do you bring to the team? Chocolates, after work socials and a positive energy!

Best part of your job? Giving someone the news that their offer has been accepted. I love it when a customer screams “NO WAY!!”

Your top tip for property buyers? Do your homework and get a solicitor lined up before you even start looking so you are ready to make that all important offer as soon as you have viewed your dream home. And ask questions, knowledge is power!

copper blossom

After work, where do you like to unwind? I love pampering, so I like to get a massage or facial but if it’s a Friday I like to meet friends for a drink or two. Copper Blossom on George Street is one of our favourites, it’s just so pretty.

What do you love most about Edinburgh? It has everything - from shops to bars and a Castle.

Dream place to live? We were lucky enough to buy our dream home last year in Newtongrange, Midlothian. I live there with my husband and my trusty four-legged companion, Lynx the miniature dachshund. We love the flexibility living in Midlothian gives us with plenty of country parks for walks but I can be in the city in just 20 minutes.

Fun fact about you? I was Miss Edinburgh runner up 2018.

What’s on your Christmas wish list? A tumble dryer (adulting at its finest!) and some Penhaligons perfume.

For more information on Gilson Gray, as well as their exclusive offers for eggs, click  here. Paying  egg members also receive a  £400 discount on houses valued up to £400k, and a further 10% discount on values thereafter. Non-paying members receive a flat £200 discount on estate agency fees as well as 10% off conveyancing, whether you have a property to sell or not. For all enquiries and valuation requests please email [email protected]


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