Top 5 essential tips for keeping your houseplants happy

Top 5 essential tips for keeping your houseplants happy

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Want healthy, happy plants? We’ve got the inside scoop from the plant gurus at grow urban, the gorgeous plant and lifestyle stores bringing all things botanical to city dwellers in Fountainbridge and Stockbridge, Edinburgh - and egg & co-working on Union Street! We do love our plants in the office! Here they share their top tips to keep houseplants healthy.

grow urban

Always check the soil before watering your plants…

Overwatering is usually caused by following a rigid watering schedule so it’s best not to water your plants on specific days of the week. Instead, we suggest you check if the plant is ready to be watered by sticking your finger into the compost. For most leafy plants it is best to allow the top couple of inches of compost to dry before rehydrating. Succulent plants have tolerance to drought and therefore the compost should be allowed to dry completely before adding water.

It’s also important when watering to remove the plant from its decorative pot and allow the water to drain through the base of the plastic nursery pot. This will ensure that the lower roots are never sitting in water which can lead to root rot.

If you’re not sure if your plants need water (or don’t want to get compost on your hands), try our Soil Moisture Meter which will give you confidence to know how much moisture remains in the compost.

Do also consider that your plants will require less frequent watering during autumn and winter due to the shorter days and cooler temperatures which slows the growth of indoor plants.

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Choose pots with drainage holes…

To prevent root rot, never pot your plant into a pot without a drainage hole! Place your plant, in its plastic growing pot, within a decorative pot. This means that you can remove your plant when watering and prevent water collecting at the base of the decorative pot which can lead to the lower roots of your plant sitting in water.

grow urban

Increase humidity around your tropical houseplants…

Most of our leafier indoor plants are native to tropical environments and love humidity. For this reason, it is good practice to spray your plants with water throughout the week with a mister. This can help to prevent the leaves from getting brown and crispy edges. For those looking to add a decorative, yet functional touch to your home? Look no further than our Haws Spritzers.

Does misting slip your mind? Choose rooms with higher levels of humidity like a bathroom, or try a pebble tray to offer a great alternative to misting. Fill a saucer with clay pebbles, fill with water to just below the top of the pebble and place your plant on top. The water will evaporate around your plant and create a lovely humid environment.

Understanding light levels…

Most plants will do best in bright, indirect light which means they need to be positioned in a bright spot, but not directly in a window. Direct sunlight will be magnified through the glass and cause the foliage to scorch so it is best to avoid anything very leafy in these spots. Cacti and succulents will happily sit in direct light.

On the other hand, shade tolerant does not mean that plants will survive in a windowless room, but rather a shady spot in a room with natural light. If you are worried about your plants not getting enough light, try our Pianta LED Grow Light for particularly shady spots.

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Feeding and repotting in the growing season …

The ‘growing season’ is when plants wake from dormancy and begin actively growing again in the spring and summer. It is important to begin feeding at this time of year to replace any lost nutrients from previous growth. It is also a good time of year to consider repotting so be sure to check if the roots are coming out of the base of your pot or that they are densely spiralling inside the pot. Want your plant to stay the same size? Prune them back with clean scissors and feed with nutrients in the spring and summer. Avoiding repotting, it will eventually cause stress to your plant and potentially kill it.

Evie at grow urban with favourite plant

grow urban is an urban jungle packed full of plants, pots and accessories. You’ll find the shops at 92 Grove Street, Fountainbridge or 8b St Vincent Street in Stockbridge, New Town. Check out the plant care section on the Grow Urban website for essential care tools. You can also pop into the Edinburgh shops for more friendly advice.

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