Stories, style and superpowers - Our Scamp & Dude Women on Top event

Stories, style and superpowers - Our Scamp & Dude Women on Top event

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Stories, style and superpowers - Our Scamp & Dude Women on Top event

Thursday 9th May, 6-7:30pm, Scamp & Dude shop, St James Quarter

Scamp & Dude shopfront

We know our eggs love our Women on Top events, especially when we went on tour in March across Scotland, and this one was no different. Except it was a bit… Because this time we hosted our event in the Scamp & Dude shop itself, and it was in the evening after work so we could raise a glass of fizz after hearing the incredible story of CEO and Founder Jo Tutchener Sharp! 

We discussed it all in the chat with egg head Kylie Reid and Jo, and heard how Jo went from plotting a skin care line, to feeling like her head was going to explode with stress, to facing death, to then building a brand selling superpower infused clothing and becoming a B Corp listed business who have donated over 45,000 scarves to women in need. Jo is passionate about leaving behind a legacy and making change for good, and it’s safe to say a few tears were shed listening to her inspiring journey. 

Scamp & Dude event - eggs with their illustrations

Let’s share some of our key takeaways from Jo

🤯 Her best business advice: make sure you’re literally obsessed. You’ll never work harder than with your own business and you have to be willing to put everything into it. But if it’s something you love, then it’s worth it. 

The goal is not to for Scamp & Dude to be on every high street. Instead, their end ambition is to be within 1.5 hours of every customer and keep the special experience of their stores.

♻️ It costs companies and our planet a lot to exchange and return clothing! We’re talking £15 to exchange and £10 to return which counts delivery, repacking, processing and cleaning. Step away from the lure of clothing hauls and big online orders, eggs! 

Make sure to tune into the podcast coming soon to discover what it was like when Jo brought her husband into the business, and where Jo gets her inspiration from personally and professionally. 

Scamp & Dude event - eggs with Jo Tutchener SharpScamp & Dude event - egg crowd

And that’s a wrap!

A big thanks must go to Jo for sharing her story with us, to Keith Easton from Woosh events for capturing the conversation to create a live podcast we can all listen back to soon, to Ana Guajardo for creating beautiful on-the-spot guest illustrations and to the Scamp & Dude team for hosting us. We had a blast bringing together Duders and eggs, what a combo! 

Scamp & Dude event - Ana Guajardo illustrator

What’s next?

Check out our future events lined up, or read about some of our past events on our stories website page. 

And, stay tuned on our socials for the live podcast recording coming soon… 

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