RINGANA's Summer Essentials: A Review of CAPS protect, FRESH breeze spray, and FRESH lip balm nude SPF 15

RINGANA's Summer Essentials: A Review of CAPS protect, FRESH breeze spray, and FRESH lip balm nude SPF 15

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A few months ago, RINGANA, a leading natural cosmetics company who are recognised for their commitment to sustainability and the use of high-quality natural ingredients kindly sent me some testers of their products to try. This year, RINGANA released three new products - the FRESH lip balm nude SPF 15, CAPS protect capsules, and the FRESH breeze spray, perfect for keeping you cool, protected, and refreshed. After trying out these three products over the past few months, I'm delighted to share my experience of the products with some good eggs!

FRESH lip balm nude SPF 15 - Sun protection for delicate lips is a hydrating lip balm that also provides SPF 15 for sun protection. The balm is made with a mineral light protection filter which gives the lips a subtle shimmer. One of the ingredients in the hydrating balm is hyaluronic acid which helps give my small lips a more plumped look! My favourite part about the balm is that it comes in a pump tube, and personally, I prefer this to a stick balm as it make it feel more luxurious. If you suffer from dry/cracked lips (especially in winter), I highly recommend trying this lip balm. Half a pump is enough - A little goes a long way!

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CAPS protect is an inner shield capsule that defends against harmful environmental impacts. The formula includes improved levels of zinc and copper, as well as Vitamin C from the acerola cherry. These ingredients help to boost eye health and protect against light pollution, solar radiation, and blue light to help support your visual performance when looking at a screen. The CAPS also contain antioxidant ingredients from blood orange extract that help to ensure an even tan and blueberry extract that is good for eye health!

I found out about five years ago that I needed glasses and with my job involving looking at screens all day, every day, I really was excited to test them out! Taking them alongside my other daily vitamins, after about three weeks I started to notice that I had more energy, and I was impressed when I started to notice an improvement in my headaches. I've often experienced headaches and eye strain due to extended screen time (so these CAPS are a dream product for me!!), since incorporating them into my daily routine, I've noticed a significant improvement in these symptoms. However, due to the higher price point, I'd need to continue taking them consistently to ensure the long-term effectiveness of the product.

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Using the FRESH breeze spray is effortless and convenient, suitable for application on the face, body, and hair. I found that the versatility of the spray is great - it's refreshing and I mainly use it in the mornings before starting my makeup routine. Its compact size makes it travel-friendly, fitting snugly in my bag. Although I appreciate the portability, a larger option would be great, especially for extended use on holiday or if you live in hotter climates. If you're headed to a warm destination, I highly recommend bringing this product along to ensure a refreshing experience throughout the day!

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Having used all three products for the past few months, I am thoroughly impressed. The FRESH Lip Balm keeps my lips soft and protected, CAPS protect is helping to boost my energy and help with my eye health, and FRESH Breeze is the perfect cooling mist. I would recommend these products to anyone seeking a refreshing, protective, and personal touch in their skincare routine. If you're looking to redefine your skincare experience, definitely give some of these products a try! It's an egg recommends from me!

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