Interior Trends for 2024 with Hen & Crask

Interior Trends for 2024 with Hen & Crask

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I’ve decided that it’s definitely not just your body that takes a ravaging over the Christmas period.  As Creative Director of an Interior Design business I can honestly say that my home needs a lot of sprucing up in 2024 after a hundred visitors, a hundred spilt drinks and hot mince pies being dropped all over the furniture!

I can’t say I was a huge fan of the trends of 2023.  I love love love a ‘bit of blush’, but I couldn’t get past the 80’s vibes of the endless floral fabric designs.  Might be an age thing, but I’m saying a very enthusiastic goodbye to cottage-core.

So what will we be embracing in 2024 in interiors? I’m delighted to say that Hen & Crask is ahead of the curve on a few of the trends.

Earthy tones are definitely a vibe at the moment.  In ’22/’23 we moved away from starker greys and started to embrace a calmer feel.  Warm greens and umber tones will bring a grounding richness to a space and make anyone feel instantly relaxed. If you’re reading this thinking that earthy isn’t up your street, we can promise you there’s something with your name on.  We’re also embracing some fantastic putty tones - think Farrow & Ball Stirabout and Roasted Macadamia.  Pair these with Au Lait or colour drench the room.  If you read that Dead Flat is out and that gloss is in, don’t believe the hype, matt lives on…


Last year we experimented with a lot of colour drenching, but we also ‘decorated the fifth wall’ in some of our projects, a fancy term for wallpapering the ceiling.   You don’t necessarily have to make it a huge feature.  In one project we used Salvator Wallpaper by Manuel Canovas in Graphite for a monochrome jungle-like hit.  Just don’t get drunk and stare up at that one or you might think you’re hallucinating.  It’s a stunning look.  Another standout ceiling wallpaper was Arte Wind Wallpaper - it comes in 4 different colourways and the texture and pattern is so versatile and subtle that we papered a kitchen ceiling in one colour way and a master bed in another with fabulous results.  If you can’t stretch to papering the ceiling, frame a stand-out pattern.

I’ve been reading that ‘brown’ bathrooms are in, however not in a 1969 or HP Sauce hue.  We’re teaming Mandarin Stone’s Form Russet Wall Decor Porcelain with the gorgeousness of Hendrix Red Terrazzo Effect Porcelain which results in a super cool and stylish vibe.  If these tones are too dark for one’s sensibilities then try Hoxton Burnt Orange Gloss Porcelain with Terrazzo Nouveau Bianco Matt Effect Porcelain for freshness.


Kitchen-wise the experts are saying that modular or moving kitchens will be all the rage.  If you’re on a budget try Ikea.  With the ENHET kitchen, you can create a more flexible solution that is easy to assemble (and disassemble when you move!) and customise for life’s many twists and turns – or simply when you just want to show a little more of your personality.  If you’re minted then VIPP has my vote.  I have watched the company evolve over the last ten years and still adore the design.


Finally, if you’ve been bemoaning the chrome fittings in your bathroom whilst your friends have been getting golden and brassy, fear not silver is back in!  Silver bathroom fittings, furniture legs, lights and lamps, knobs and knockers - anything goes!

I always say to clients that trends come and go, but there’s nothing wrong with embracing them if you love them.  Your home is your home and at Hen & Crask we endeavour to create schemes with longevity.  Do get in touch if you’re looking for help - we take on all types of projects, big and small.


Hen & Crask is an interior design studio based in Edinburgh's New Town. Led by Design Director Rachel Richmond, the small, close knit team is dedicated to creating beautiful design schemes for every client. Egg members can receive 25% off design fees!

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