Family Wedding & Tartan Design

Family Wedding & Tartan Design

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Weaving Love into Threads: Weddings & Tartan Design

Love. It's a feeling woven into the very fabric of families, and what better way to celebrate its manifestation in a wedding than with a unique tartan? This isn't just about aesthetics; it's about weaving together family history, personal stories, and the enduring bond of love itself.

The Inspiration:

Designing a unique tartan for your special day is such a fun process. Imagine the couple's favourite flower, a delicate lavender, blooming throughout the design. Perhaps intertwined with a golden wheat symbolising the bride's family farm, where the couple met. A touch of emerald green, representing the groom's Irish heritage, could weave through like a lucky charm. Sit down with an expert designer and share your favourite memories, significant places and numbers, and allow their creativity to tell the story. Research family colours and symbols, incorporating them subtly into the design. Maybe the bride's grandmother's favourite shade of blue can become a thin stripe, whispering a silent tribute across generations?

The Weave:

After a few iterations to achieve the perfect colour combination your totally unique design and personal legacy will be officially registered with the Scottish Register of Tartans and your personal certificate will be sent to you. Next it’s time to translate your vision into reality and the weave process begins, weaving yet more history into your love story using Scottish mills with hundreds of years of tradition in every thread. Yarns are selected to match your design and the resulting fabric is ready to be made into whatever you have been dreaming of.

Beyond the Kilt:

Think outside the kilt box! Your tartan can be incorporated in various ways, imagine tailored waistcoats and elegant stoles draped around family members, bridesmaids' sashes echoing the couple's love story, or table runners adorning the reception, infusing the space with a personalised touch. As the wedding ceremony unfolds, the tartan becomes more than just a design; it becomes a tangible symbol of family, unity, and the beautiful tapestry of love being woven. Handfasting give the opportunity to take it further with tartan handfasting ribbons to bind the couples hands.

The Legacy:

Your unique tartan transcends the wedding day. Imagine future family gatherings where it takes centre stage, a tangible reminder of the love that brought everyone together. It can be passed down through generations, each thread carrying a story, a whispered memory, and a testament to the enduring power of love. Designing a family tartan for a wedding is more than just an extravagant gesture; it's an act of love, creativity, and a unique way to celebrate the start of a beautiful new chapter. It's a story woven not just in threads, but in the hearts of a family forever bound by love.

Find out more on our website or email [email protected] to chat to our in-house tartan designer, Emily.

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