December egg & co working day with childcare!!

December egg & co working day with childcare!!

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What an AMAZING day! Our SECOND co working day with childcare, made possible by our fantastic partnership with RBS!

After the great success of our last childcare co working day, we decided to make this a regular event in the egg 2024 calendar. Offering invaluable support to all who attend, as well as uninterrupted time to smash through some extensive to-do-lists, it was a no brainer to keep this event going. We couldn't be more thrilled about the positive impact to fellow working mums and it was so worth it to see big smiles from all of our attendees, big and small, at the end of the day.

egg & co-working day x1

A big thank you to Tinies, led by the wonderful Martine, for keeping our little eggs happy and very much entertained just downstairs in the egg & co office. With our main co working space just a stone's throw from the kiddos, mums could easily pop their heads in to do a quick check-in, knowing they were in the safest hands. A perfect space for mini eggs to have a bit of fun while exploring their egg surroundings, and make some new friends of their own too.

egg & co-working day x2

In the afternoon, Mandy from RBS joined us to share their newest 'Mentor Match' programme, helping business owners find their perfect mentor across a variety of sectors, from finding investment, marketing insights and so much more! The scale of resources they have for small businesses is incredible and with over 70 mentors, they have a huge set of skills amongst them.

Mandy's session gave us a valuable inside look into RBS's offerings and resources, and we were able to explore how they could be tailored to our individual needs. We also spoke about the importance of asking for help and support when starting a business, knowing there is lots out there.

egg & co working day x3

All of our co workers then got the chance to share more about their businesses in a cozy corner of egg & co over a delicious lunch! A huge shoutout to the team at fed! for satisfying our taste buds with their scrumptious sandwiches and sweet treats!

egg & co-working day x4

The positive energy, shared stories, and collaborative spirit that filled our space was great and we'll be hosting our next childcare event next month, and once a month for 2024, sign up to our newsletter to make sure you don't miss the next one.

Thank you to everyone, especially RBS and Tinies who made this day possible, and we can't wait to do it all again next month. Keep an eye on our platforms to book into the next one with your mini egg!

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