egg meets... the marketing team at Gilson Gray

egg meets... the marketing team at Gilson Gray

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Helping build a brand is no mean feat. You’ve got to have vision, mission and strategy. Here we get to know the marketing experts and creative minds at Scotland's leading estate agents, Gilson Gray.

vanessa gilson gray

Vanessa Kennedy

Originally from Aberdeen, Vanessa made the leap to Edinburgh 13 years ago and it’s been her best decision yet. She explains, “Edinburgh has become a city I love, not only for the vibrant atmosphere but also for providing me with fantastic friendships and a job that I love.”

Tell us about your role as Marketing & Business Director at Gilson Gray? My role has recently changed due to promotion from Marketing Director to a joint leadership role Marketing & Business Development Director. I head up a brilliant team who in turn look after the whole of Gilson Gray.

How long have you worked in marketing? 27 years… geez, that sounds ages! I love marketing, it’s so varied and the landscape changes all the time which means you're always learning and adapting. I have been at GG for over 6 years, it’s been quite a journey being part of a business that has grown in my time from 60 to over 350 people all over Scotland and England.

Describe a typical working day? My day is never the same. A mix of juggling team meetings, talking with various departments, and delivering strategic events and content with partners like egg all while staying on top of our briefs and making sure our strategy is running smoothly. My days fly by super fast… just as well I love my job, and my team!

Best part of your job? Helping build the brand. Having autonomy to really bring my ideas to life is wonderful.

calton hill

Where do you live in Edinburgh? I’m a Hillside girl. I love the area, great people, fantastic vibe with so many great cafes, restaurants and shops. Having Calton Hill on your doorstep is also magic for walking my pooch, Babs.

Describe your property? I have a 2-bed top floor flat which is perfect for me. I’ve converted the smaller bedroom into a walk-in wardrobe. I had far too many clothes, trainers and coats to fit into the wardrobes so the wonderful ladies at LIFE / EDIT helped me out a few months ago. It took them hours but WOW what a difference with the decluttering. My favourite part was them having my coats and shoes ordered like a rainbow… who knew this would bring such joy!

Your top tip for property buyers? If you don’t like your kitchen but don’t want to pay for a new one, get it wrapped. It’s brilliant. I’ve just had it done and my kitchen is like a whole new space. I was hoping it would make me cook more but alas the skills still aren’t there!

jen hogg Gilson gray

Jen Hogg

Edinburgh born and bred Jennifer is the Senior Property Marketing Executive at Gilson Gray. She works alongside Vanessa (Marketing & Business Development Director) and Kelly (Marketing Manager) to develop and deliver property related marketing activities to promote the Gilson Gray brand and the range of property services they can offer.

Tell us about you. I’m an avid book reader and music lover. I spend a lot of time with family and friends dining out, attending local events and going ice skating – especially fun in December! Edinburgh has been my home all my life and I cannot think of a better City to call home. It’s unlike anywhere else in the world I’ve visited to date. It’s got that perfect balance between historic and modern, with so much history and many tales to be told.

How long have you worked in marketing? I’ve been in the property industry for over a decade now, with more than six years of that time dedicated to marketing. My background is in both residential and commercial property services. I love the variety that comes with my role and of course, getting to be nosy and see inside people’s homes!

Best part of your job? There is so much variety in my role and there’s always a new challenge to tackle! The team is great to work with – they really make my job a lot of fun.

Edinburgh City

Where do you live in Edinburgh? I currently live in a 2-bedroom flat with my husband and cat in Longstone. I love the area because it’s close enough to the City Centre but still maintains a quiet and peaceful setting. There are great local walking routes and local parks which are brilliant in the Spring and Summer months. The bus depot at Longstone means it’s easy to reach places like The Gyle, Ocean Terminal and even Fort Kinnaird. The bypass and motorways are just a short drive off Lanark Road and Calder Road too.

Your favourite room in the house? My kitchen. It gets beautiful sunlight first thing in the morning and it’s lovely to sit at the breakfast bar with a cup of tea and people watch.

What could people expect for their money in the area you live? There are lots of largely two-bedroom flats in Longstone and three-bedroom converted family homes. It’s a family-friendly area with a local school just up the road at Redhall. Property prices have ranged from around £125,000+ since Covid from what I have seen on the market nearby.

Your top tip for property buyers? Always read through the Home Report for a property carefully. Ask for clarity on anything you don’t fully understand. There are lots of misconceptions around what a Surveyor will look for and test in a property, make sure you are fully in the know before you buy!

Fun fact? I am a true lover of all things Christmas and festive – I’m definitely someone who waits all year long to start getting the Christmas jumpers out of the back cupboard.

What’s on your Christmas wish list? I am hoping that Santa will bring me a Duolingo subscription and the motivation I need to get back to learning French!

kelly jones Gilson gray

Kelly Jones

As Marketing Manager at Gilson Gray, Edinburgh-born Kelly is responsible for developing and implementing the marketing strategy in alignment with Vanessa’s vision. She oversees the operational activities of the marketing function and collaborates with the business development team.

What’s the best part of your job? Working on creative campaigns, overcoming challenges, and witnessing the results. I recently joined the marketing team at Gilson Gray, and despite the short time, I already feel like an integral part of the team.

Describe a typical working day? There isn't one! Despite meticulous planning, unforeseen tasks such as strategy development, department meetings, website management, content creation, or video production keep each day dynamic and engaging.

Where do you live in Edinburgh? I’ve recently moved into a 4-bedroom detached house near Straiton. Its proximity to Straiton Retail Park, easy access to the City Centre and the airport made it an ideal location.

What could people expect for their money in the area you live? Flats in the area are in high demand; my flat was on the market for just five days and I had around 11 viewings. Family homes are also sought after and tend to sell quickly. The area offers great schools, making it a popular choice for families.

What do you love most about the Scottish capital? With its historic buildings in the city centre, nearby beaches, and the magnificent greenery of Arthur’s Seat and the Pentlands, it's impossible not to love Edinburgh. The emergence of trendy restaurants and bars in the City Centre adds to its appeal.

copper blossom

Your top tip for property buyers? When buying a property, identify three key features that are non-negotiable for you. My partner and I prioritised a spacious garden and bedrooms, driveway, and garage.

Fun fact? I am a Spinning instructor at Club McKendry on Gilmerton Road.

What’s on your Christmas wish list? Creating memories and spending quality time with family and friends is top of my list.

For more information on Gilson Gray, as well as their exclusive offers for eggs, click  here. Paying  egg members also receive a  £400 discount on houses valued up to £400k, and a further 10% discount on values thereafter. Non-paying members receive a flat £200 discount on estate agency fees as well as 10% off conveyancing, whether you have a property to sell or not. For all enquiries and valuation requests please email [email protected]


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