Maternal Mental Health

Maternal Mental Health

4 years ago1hr 34mins

An event we've held live several times in Edinburgh, I was determined to do an on-line event to support all the new and pregnant Mums who were having to go through lockdown, with less emotional and physical support. At a time when you are supposed to be feeling grateful and joyful, it is often the case that this is just not happening. In this event we talk about postnatal depression and anxiety, birth trauma and breast-feeding, about the huge expectations we put on ourselves as new Mums.

We were joined by an amazing panel and I'm including all the signposting and support that we discussed during the event.

1. The booklet Katalin mentioned around Mood disorders and medication

2. Nobody Told Me by Holly NcNish

3. Why Post Natal Depression Matters

4. The Breastfeeding Network

5. Perinatal Mental Health Services - A Directory of Support near you, put together by Inspiring Scotland

6. Bliss, for support with babies born premature or sick:

7. Birth Trauma Association


9. EGG Mums - please join and feel free to share your experience here

10. Laleche league for breastfeeding support. Free phone consultation around the clock

11. This is a fabulous book about self-care in the first few weeks after childbirth. This was really vital in my understanding of RESTING after birth the second time round (Katalin)

Our panel:

Sarah Wheatley -

Lauren Knight & Tricia Murray -

Clare Thompson - an

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