love, loss, grief & a very special book

love, loss, grief & a very special book

a year ago1hr 45min

Welcome back to egg talks to!

After a bit of a break I am delighted to be back, and with a conversation that means a huge amount to me. After losing my parents I've been on a mission to talk about death, about grief, to support others going through the same. I believe that we are further united by our shared losses, and that by discussing the journey, we help ourselves, and others too.

In this episode I chat to widows Doug and Alison about their grief journey, speaking to children about death, learning to live after loss, and a book.

An emotional conversation, I am so grateful to Doug and Ali for trusting me with their stories. We all hope that by opening up, we can help others, that there will be a ripple effect.

Richmonds Hope support bereaved families:

Browse Elke Barber books on explaining death to children here.

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