Jen Beardsley- The F Word Part 2- Pensions and Investments

Jen Beardsley- The F Word Part 2- Pensions and Investments

3 years ago58min

Jenyfer Beardsley - Back talking about the F Word!

I was blown away by the response when I asked members of the EGG Facebook group how they felt about their savings & pensions and now know that many women, like me, having been putting this stuff off, fearing the unknown, scared about lack of knowledge, the best places to invest, if it's too late to start. It's not! And this episode will go some way into helping you work out the best first steps when it comes to Pensions and Investments specifically.

It's an informative, easy to understand, introduction and I promise you once you listen, and take action, and begin to formulate a plan, you will feel calmer, more empowered, and the F word might even begin to excite you.

Jen B aka Miss Moneyjenny can be found

Books recommended by girls in the community; True Wealth by Diana Chambers Girls Best Friend is her Money (PB): The Motley Fool Women's Investment Guide by Jasmine Birtles and Jane Mack Secrets of the Millionaire Mind by T Harv Eker

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