A conversation with Philippa Cunniff, family law and divorce expert

A conversation with Philippa Cunniff, family law and divorce expert

5 months ago54 mins

My guest on this episode is Philippa Cunniff, Partner and Head of Family Law at Gilson Gray. She is one of Scotland’s most well respected divorce lawyers, who has guided many women and men through this particularly challenging time of their life.

In advance of recording this podcast I spent some time looking at the kinds of questions that reared their head on this topic, things like - how long does a divorce take? What does it cost? What am I entitled to? As well as many others. Philippa provides great advice in relation to these questions and shares some amazing insight into the kinds of things that can crop up in a divorce from emotional needs to hidden finances and pre-nups. And it’s not only marriage break up we focus on Philippa talks about what happens when a cohabiting couple split too.

My aim with this episode is to give you insight should you ever need this kind of support. I hope you find it interesting.

Read more about how Philippa got to where she is in her career, in our latest article here.

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