A conversation with Laura and Kadi- Founders of Anotherhood

A conversation with Laura and Kadi- Founders of Anotherhood

4 years ago43min

Although we've covered the subject of Fertility several times over the past few years, we've never considered what it's like for those women who come to the end of their journey without a child, and if indeed there's any support out there. I stumbled upon the Instagram account @anotherhood_stories a few weeks ago, a space, and place, for Women without Children, set up by Laura and Kadi. So I dropped them a message!

Our recording coincided with International Childless Week and was enlightening and emotional. We talk about Laura & Kadi's journeys, their old and new friendships, how we can help educate not just each other, but our children too. We talk about why it's time to end the stigma.

We may not have children but we are full of life, we are creative, strong, passionate, wonderful wild women who are more than worthy of what we bring to the world. Indeed they are.

www.anotherhood.org @anotherhood_stories

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