Glasgow’s talon trendsetter and the BBC’s anti-burnout queen answer your questions!Past event

Glasgow’s talon trendsetter and the BBC’s anti-burnout queen answer your questions!

27 Mar 2024, 10:00 - 12:00
191 Ingram Street, Merchant City, Glasgow, G1 1DA

What’s up Glasgow? We’re egg, Scotland’s largest community platform for women, and we’re hosting our first event in your vibrant city in March! Join us as we chat to Tammy Koslowski, founder of House of Naf! and the acclaimed manicurist behind Jamie Genevieve’s famous fingers, and Mel MacIntyre, a Coach & Business Strategist for women. 

We’re *officially going on tour* with our ‘Women on Top’ events - a series designed to inspire and create community in a relaxed, creative setting - which we’ve taken across Scotland. 

Our egg head and queen of brilliant interviews, Kylie Reid (did you know she just interviewed Lorraine Kelly in Edinburgh about her new book?!) will chat to our two speakers to get their top tips on how to run a successful business, manage your downtime, and be your authentic self. 

Open to everyone, our events are all about breaking down barriers for women in business. As part of that, we’re delighted to offer free childcare at this event, provided by our professional partners - Tinies. We’re really proud to say this event series is supported by the Scottish Government Pathways Pre-Start Fund, and RBS. 

Let’s get into it then, shall we?

Who’s who?

Tammy Koslowski - Founder of Naf! 

Tammy is the beauty powerhouse behind the award-winning NAF! brand, which was founded in 2015. Starting out as a decal nail creator with her own company, DIY Nails, she’s got over 12 years of experience in the industry and she has dedicated her career to creating supportive spaces for beauty professionals, clients and students. 

Naf! has collaborated and hosted events for big names such as Swarovski, Topshop, H&M, Debenhams, VIEVE and Tequila Rose. They’ve now got a House of Naf! Salon with chairs available to rent for creatives, AND their NAF! Stuff products are on the shelves of over 2,000+ salons worldwide. 

Mel MacIntyre

Mel is an Executive Coaching & Business Consultancy superstar, who helps women to strategically scale their business without risking burnout.  And she’s not your average coach. Relentlessly driven to see you at your highest potential, she’ll call you out on all the c**p that will stop you from getting there! Mel’s been a leader, coach and consultant specialising in change & transformation for 25+ years. In 2015, she broke down, burnt out and most importantly, made a comeback to transform her life. Last year, she was invited on to the BBC Radio to share her views on anti-burnout as a subject-matter-expert. We can’t wait to hear all about her transition from corporate life to conscious business coaching!

Kylie Reid - egg Head

Hopefully a familiar name to lots of you already, Kylie is our very own trailblazer who is the founder of egg. You can read her story on our website to get to know her a little better. But in the meantime, she'll be gearing up to interview these two female powerhouses about their careers, learnings and top tips for eggs. Sure to make you laugh, Kylie is the ultimate chilled-out host at events and you'll feel right at home straight away.

The nitty gritty details - when, where, who, dress code?

  • Where? We’re hosting the event at The Corinthian Club -  Glasgow’s most stylish dining venue. 
  • Who? The event is open to everyone (that means paying members and non-members). We want our 'Women on Top' series to reach as many good eggs as possible. 
  • When? Taking place from 10am - 12pm, we'll have tea, coffee and pastries available. 
  • Dress code? We're a relaxed and friendly bunch, so there's no dress code. Just be yourself. 

How does the childcare service work?

  • Our partners at Tinies will be there on the day in a separate room nearby to look after your little ones.
  • Children between 0-10 years are welcome
  • You’ll need to pack lunch for your mini eggs, and enough nappies and wipes to last a few hours.
  • And yep, it's paid for by us already so there's no extra costs to mums!

If you have any other questions, you can always drop us an email on [email protected] we'll come back to you. If not, we can't wait to see you there!

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