Gemma Gilmour Coaching
Gemma Gilmour Coaching

Gemma Gilmour Coaching

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Hi, I’m Gemma – a mum of 3, behaviour analyst and mindset coach dedicated to helping ambitious women who want to unlock their next level of growth to create a thriving career/business and the perfect work-life balance for a truly enjoyable life! I'll help you step away from procrastination, perfectionism and the need for control through over-analysing, worst-case scenario thinking and incessant 'what if-ing'. By focusing on change from the inside - out, I provide a transformational coaching experience that addresses the entire mind-body-emotion-soul system.

When you feel truly aligned with your purpose and have a solid sense of safety you can show up as the empowered, confident and resilient woman you want to become.  Coaching with me is about taking inspired action from a place of surrender; let go of 'the how' and allow things to come to you - mindset coaching will help make it all possible. Mastering your mindset is like becoming a state-shifting ninja and the architect of your life at the same time, it's the way to unlock your true potential and create a life you truly love. 

Edinburgh, Scotland

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