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CG Fitness and Coaching

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I am a Personal Trainer, level 4 strength and conditioning coach, specialising in Perimenopause weight loss and nutrition. I also work with Regional and National athletes with Strength and Conditioning to support their sport. I work from my own private gym for 121 and group coaching and you can also work with me online, in a gym of your choice, or your own home with the correct equipment

Clermiston, EH4

Rated 5.0 based on 2 reviews


Changed my mindset!

Snapped Achilles menopause & underactive thryoid I completely lost my way with fitness and faced 2 stone in weight gain. After finding CG Fitness & Coaching Claire gave me an initial 8 wk program and safe to say I have my mojo back. The strength training has completely restored the faith I have in myself that I can do it and get back to lifting heavy weights. Confidence is a big thing when you hit menopause and Claire has worked with me to get mine back encouraging me the whole time. I highly recommend Claire, the achievement mood sleeping and better overall “feeling” I have is fantastic.

Joanne Cunningham25 Jun 2024

CG Fitness - highly recommended

I returned to CG Fitness after a year of mobility & joint issues. I had concerns about injury. But Claire set me at ease immediately and she knew exactly what to program in my sessions to build back my strength and my confidence and get me moving again. I can highly recommend CG Fitness & Coaching, no matter your stage in life. Claire has given me so much more than an exercise program - a sense of achievement, an improved mood, more confidence, better understanding of strength & conditioning, feeling more comfortable in myself and nutrition education.

F Clark25 Jun 2024
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