About us

Egg is a platform powered by women. It’s the largest of its kind in Scotland and over the years has supported thousands of women and their businesses. Our community is at the heart of everything we do and it’s for them that we launched the Egg card, offering exclusive discounts to hundreds of local businesses as well as access to exclusive events.

In 2021 we launched the Egg Directory, a review led directory jam packed with thousands of brilliant, local independent businesses. Recognising that Facebook groups are hard to search, we created a space where women could easily find those businesses we knew they were searching for every day. This not only helps make their lives easier, but helps support local businesses too.

And taking it one step further, we wanted women to be able to book directly on the Egg platform, and so collaborated with Appointedd, the on-line booking system app owned by Leah Hutcheon.
We hope you like what we have created!