A Right Royal Rest

25 weeks ago
7 minute read
By Jen McGregor

In the Summer of Staycationing I could not have been more delighted when I was invited to experience a stay at 24 Royal Terrace.

I have to admit that if felt a little weird packing my overnight bag (I literally had to scrape thick dust from it) to travel approximately 2.5km from home for the night. Any strange feelings quickly disappeared as soon as I landed on the front steps of 24 Royal Terrace, the beautiful and bright entrance made me excited instantly. As you enter the hotel reception it's impossible not to look up, look left and look right – there is impressive artwork, colour, carpets and wallpaper exploding from every corner and to complete your welcome the friendly staff are there to show you in.

General Manager Jonathan and his staff made me feel so welcome from the word go, checking me in and giving me a wee tour (including a sneak peek into most of the rooms as I arrived before general check in) before showing me to my Superior Double Room – my little haven for the duration of my stay. Each room is unique with its own quirky twist of some sort, individual works of art and furniture fill each room too and you can choose from cosy singles, junior suites to the studio apartment, making this hotel a lovely option for all.

My room on the 3rd floor did not disappoint, immaculately clean, bright, airy, comforting and hosting a cast iron roll-top bath in the bedroom next to my beautifully made bed, I felt instantly pampered before I had even removed my jacket and unpacked my bag. And with huge windows offering a lovely garden view it was very easy to forget that I was in the city centre.

After unpacking my pjs and toothbrush and placing the cuddly dressing gown provided on my bed ready for trying on later I had a lovely quiet seat in the tranquil terrace garden to the back on the hotel. There are tables, chairs and benches inviting you to sit and unwind, take in the gorgeous flowers and order yourself a wee drink and/or some food al fresco if you wish. As the hotel is located on this beautiful street that is home to many residents, I was told that locals often come to enjoy the garden and a wee drink as well, and I could understand why, it is the perfect, peaceful patio to unwind on.

Remembering that I was still actually working, I sat with my laptop in the resident’s lounge for a couple of hours, there are plenty of tables and comfortable seats to choose from and the staff kindly made sure I had everything I needed. Work completed and a quick call to Kylie to rub it in that I was having such a great time, I shut the laptop and headed back to my fluffy dressing gown and roll-top bath. An evening in was the only option.

Aaaannnnnnnd RELAX… a hot bath as deep as a swimming pool, a mug of tea and a perfect view of the TV was all I needed to transport me to holiday mode. I am not usually a bath person but I hit a personal record for staying in the bath on this occasion, it was well over 45 minutes and each of those minutes was BLISS. My relaxation mode was not at all interrupted as I moved myself from my bath all the way (2 meters) to my spacious bed dressed in Egyptian cotton. Sinking into my bed with my book completed my evening perfectly. I slunk off to sleepsville quicker than ever.

After 9 hours of peaceful sleep, I felt recharged and refreshed and chucked on leggings and trainers on for an early morning jaunt up Calton Hill, would be rude not to as it sits right there at the end of Royal Terrace. Opening my bedroom door, I was pleasantly surprised to be blasted with a warm aroma of freshly baked croissants creeping up the spiral staircase – knowing these were on the breakfast menu, I hopped up the hill faster than ever. Views over a quiet city centre were a beautiful beginning to my day.

Back to the hotel, I had to experience the rain shower in my bathroom before breakfast, obviously! LUSH. Feeling rested, fresh and fabulous I then enjoyed a delicious breakfast back on the terraced garden with my book and the birds for company. The breakfast menu offered a la carte, freshly prepared goodies along with teas, coffees, fresh fruits, yoghurts and those deliciously smelling pastries and it was served perfectly al fresco.

I think it goes without saying, I had an amazing stay at this delightful hotel and I can highly recommend for that little staycation you may be planning! Thank you to Jonathan and the team for making me feel so welcome, so relaxed and so sure that a night away from home (no matter how far) is oh so worth it.

For further info and to book that rest : 24 Royal Terrace