That's a wrap on 51 George Street

2 weeks ago
5 minute read
By Alex Dewar

egg & co round 1 was everything we dreamed of and SO much more! 

We welcomed over 100 women-led independent businesses over the course of 4 months, some of which we already knew and others we discovered along the way. Each and every resident brought so much positivite energy, knowledge, support and FUN and we are so pleased to hear that many are now looking for their very own bricks and mortar space after their success with us - we can't wait to visit! Thank you for making your spaces so beautiful!

Extra special thanks to our founding member who had NO idea what they were getting themselves into, but took a leap of faith with us. We even managed to keep a few of them around for the majority, if not all, of our time on George Street - thanks for believing in us and sticking around Antoinette (Beira), Rachel (Rare Birds Books),  Anna (Mardy Bum Active Club). <3

As well as our brilliant residents, we welcome an abundance of amazing sponsors, including Coulters, who we've had the pleasure of working with for the past 5 years and who helped us make our egg & co dream a reality. We also had some amazing local businesses sponsor our much loved egg events. Having our very own space to host small candle making workshops, relaxing sound baths, chaotic science classes, empowering panels, brilliant book clubs and big bashes, was AMAZING! Thank you to each and every sponsor who helped make our events the successes they were. 

From a team egg POV, egg & co brought a whole other dynamic to going to work each day. Every morning we were met with friendly residents, who were all too happy to participate in the weird and wonderdul reels/ resident challenges/handstand competitions etc, meaning there was NEVER a dull moment. Finally meeting or reuniting with our egg community in real life was incredible, and meeting lots of new eggs and happy customers - some of which only popped in because they fancied a good egg brekkie (sorry to disappoint). 

Thank you to everyone who reached out to us to be part of egg & co, we were inundated with requests and would have loved to work with everyone had we more time. If we didn't get the opporuntiy to work together this time, please get back in touch as soon as you hear news of our next space. 

Yes it was 4 months of madness and an elevation of work like we couldn't have imagined, but it was SO rewarding and we can't wait to do it all again - after a bit of R + R. 

As we reflect on our time on 51 George street, and take a couple of months to focus on our new website and partnerships, we'd love to hear what you thought of egg & co - the good and the bad, so that we can make egg & co round 2 even better (if that's possible). 

You can find us at [email protected] 

Team egg X

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