Selaura: A supplement by women for women

29 weeks ago
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By Sarah Howden

Irritability. Mood Swings. Fatigue. Anxiety. Lack of concentration. Low sex drive. Aching joints and muscles. Weight gain and bloating. Dull grey-looking skin and an acceleration of the ageing process. The list goes on. In fact, there’s a staggering 48 symptoms that us women can look forward to from our mid-30s onwards, all related to something no female can stop coming for us: menopause.

Apparently, one third of the UK female population – that’s 13 million women - is currently peri-menopausal or menopausal, and one in four experience debilitating symptoms. Symptoms that can last for 15 years. Makes for sobering reading, doesn’t it.

So when we heard that two Scottish women have sought to take control to redress this key area of women’s health with an intelligent female supplement, having worked with some of the world’s leading nutraceutical companies, we couldn’t wait to find out more.

Friends, former lawyer Morven Shaw and holistic therapist Debbie Wheeler, had a simple aim: to support women and get them back up to the top of their game. The result is Selaura, a potent, clinically proven supplement. Formulated by women for women, Selaura combines 12 of the highest quality restorative and rejuvenating ingredients (all vegan!) to create one single powerful supplement, designed to alleviate the many physical and emotional symptoms of peri and menopause.

This month shines the spotlight on the symptoms and impact of menopause with both National Menopause Month and World Menopause Day on the 18th October and the launch of Selaura couldn’t have come at a better time. Here, Egg chats to the dynamic duo and reviews Selaura!

Firstly, wow! Can we just take a moment to congratulate you on what you’ve both created! We’ve been using Selaura over the past couple of weeks and it’s certainly one impressive single-solution supplement. What made you decide to create this dedicated supplement?

Morven: I’d spent my career as an intellectual property lawyer, working for a number of law firms before launching my own agency which was eventually sold in 2018. I then became a legal consultant and mentor to a number of start-ups, achieving the work life balance I’d always wanted. Yet, around this time I stopped feeling myself. Exhaustion, brain fog, stress and anxiety started seeping into my everyday life, something I’d never experienced before. I felt my personality was changing, my work confidence plummeted.

Unwilling to let this become my new normal, I researched my symptoms and found I was peri-menopausal and that these feelings could last 10-15 years. I looked for a clinically-proven single-solution supplement using optimal dosage levels to help alleviate my symptoms, but there weren’t any. Eventually, over a cup of coffee, I confided in my friend Debbie as I thought with her experience in holistic therapies, she would have some recommendations. When she told me her own experience, I couldn’t believe it. I bought her some flowers (sunflowers) to cheer her up and the rest is history.

Debbie: When Morven confided in me, I revealed my own experience – I was suffering from early menopause. Becoming a mother in my late 30s and spending a number of years living in Australia, my perimenopause crept up on me too and it wasn’t until I returned to Scotland in 2010 that I started to suffer symptoms, including severe joint pain. Blood tests revealed I had early menopause – I was so shocked. I was prescribed high strength HRT but my body didn’t tolerate it well and, after trying several different types, I tried to manage my menopause the natural way.

Researching the best way to manage it, I took a number of different supplements to try and ease the joint pain and reduce the other symptoms that came along. Symptoms persisted and I knew I needed something more effective. A return visit to my GP resulted in more HRT with the suggestion I might be “depressed.” I wasn’t – I simply wanted my oomph back!

When Morven approached me, I couldn’t make any recommendations as I was still searching for my solution. We were touched by each other’s stories and how the symptoms made us feel; I recall she bought me sunflowers which made me smile as they symbolise both loyalty and can help to reduce stress and anxiety!

Together, we began researching for a female supplement that was backed by science, rather than anecdotal evidence, and couldn’t find one. We decided to take control and develop our own, driven by the fact we didn’t want other women to feel how we had been feeling.


Creating a supplement seems really complex. How did you manage to transform your idea into reality?

Morven: Debbie’s holistic qualifications and nutrition background certainly helped! We worked non-stop during the pandemic, researching, developing, formulating and refining Selaura. We knew that the supplement had to be backed by science so we recruited some of the world’s leading nutraceutical companies and curated the supplement, using clinically-proven patented ingredients.

Debbie: Using my knowledge of how therapies such as aromatherapy and reflexology can assist in creating homeostasis within the body systems, I researched the best, most pure ingredients that had been clinically proven to work. Both Morven and I were adamant that the ingredients had to have the benefit of nature combined with the knowledge and clinical research. Potency of the supplement was also key for fast results.

We’re so proud of what we’ve created. We wanted to support women by promoting well-being and good health, which can only be achieved when there is balance within the body and mind. Selaura does just that.

So tell us what Selaura does?

Morven: It helps women age without compromise – enabling women to feel great throughout middle age. Why should we settle for anything less? Selaura is a single solution supplement with the power of 12.  The 12 clinically proven, natural ingredients within Selaura, provided at optimal dosage (which is so important for fast results), work in harmony with the female body. It supports the immune system; boosts energy, stamina and sexual vitality; provides hormonal balance and better sleep; promotes joint and muscle health as well as healthy hair, skin and nails; and reduces stress and anxiety, bloating and digestive issues.

Debbie: It’s also ideal for women generally in their early 40s onwards, building long-term wellness within the body to help resist physical, chemical and emotional stressors. We designed the supplement to be used alongside HRT, or as an alternative to HRT giving women the choice to manage their menopause in whichever way suits them.

It’s World Menopause Day on the 18th October AND it’s also National Menopause Month. What better time to launch an intelligent female supplement! 

Morven: I know! I remember when I started my peri-menopause journey, there were no solutions available on the market other than vitamins or non-clinically proven supplements. The advice was to “wait it out” and accept that this was our new normal. There was a real lack of awareness surrounding the symptoms and impact of menopause, as well as solutions.

To have created our very own solution and have it launch during National Menopause Month is pretty special.

Debbie: We need to change the conversation around menopause. The word menopause is associated with getting old, despite the fact that perimenopause usually starts around the age of 40 – and often even younger than that. Women have suffered in silence, dismissing these symptoms down to the stress and strains of everyday life.

Menopause is a part of our lives and a process the body has to go through but we shouldn’t have to let it define or control us. Selaura helps us to take back control.       

Team Egg have been super excited about Selaura so the lovely Morven and Debbie sent Kylie and Sarah a month’s supply to try. Here Sarah shares her experience.

At age 42, chances are I’m peri-menopausal. I have so many of the classic symptoms, after all. Plus, (TMI alert!) since my daughter was born in 2019 and my surgeon fitted me with the Merina coil after my C-section, I’ve not had a period. Nothing.

It has crossed my mind whether my 2019 chemotherapy assault and stem cell transplant sent me into early menopause, but I’d never wanted to check. Instead I put my long list of symptoms (exhaustion, mood swings, joint and muscle aches, brain fog and anxiety) down to what my body and mind had been through. But when I was introduced to Selaura, I was intrigued. Could my symptoms also be peri-menopause or even early menopause?

When my month’s supply of capsules arrived in September, I was instantly impressed as the sleek welcome pack included a stylish, custom-designed storage jar to house all my supplements. No more hiding supplements in the back of the medicine cupboard! They took pride of place in the kitchen, making it easy to remember to take. The booklet which came with my pack told me that the supplement was my “path to rejuvenation.” I was SOLD!

I had four easy-to-swallow capsules to take each day: two in the morning and two in the evening. Simple. Within a week or so my energy levels felt increased, my constant fatigue abating. My general mood was better and I felt more in control of my emotions. A couple of weeks after that, the joints in my knees and ankles felt less problematic, my stress at an all-time low (for me!) and I felt calmer, more focused. I also felt empowered, that I was taking control of my wellbeing.

Selaura say it takes three months to reach the optimum levels of their active ingredients; I’m one month in and I’m signing myself up for more. Sleep is still an issue for me, as is my stamina but for the first time, in a long time, I feel positive that there’s help for me. In one single capsule.

Selaura is available to buy direct at and costs £95 for a month’s supply with ongoing monthly subscription of £75. As part of National Menopause Month, Selaura is offering Egg 15% off all the first month’s subscription when quoting EGG21.  Offer valid until 31 October 2021.  














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