Nutrition Workshop with Wilma

Nutrition Workshop with Wilma

21 Nov 2023, 12:00 - 13:00
23 Union St, EH1 3LR

Curious about what you might have missed? Were you unable to join us for the last workshop? Here's your chance—Wilma's back for an encore!

Knackered to Nourished: How to start when you don’t know where to start

Is it parenthood, peri menopause, a chaotic combination of both or is this just life now?




Recognizing a stranger in the mirror

Thinking the best is all behind you

I hear you.

I know exactly where you are, and in this return interactive workshop, I’m here to help you rediscover yourself.

No life overhaul, no need for a slew of supplements, and yes, eating kale remains optional.

By the end, you’ll have clear initial steps to tackle exhaustion and its companions: brain fog, forgetfulness, and mood swings.

You won’t spend another day doubting yourself, believing you're not worth the effort, or resigning to the idea that feeling old and tired is your destiny. To optimise the session and demonstrate how the suggestions I offer seamlessly fit into your life (without adding to your already overflowing to-do list), it would be wonderful if attendees could maintain a food diary for two days, emailing it to the fantastic team at EGG HQ. I’ll anonymously select 1 or 2 to review during the workshop—zero judgment, just practical advice aimed at a substantial energy boost. This is entirely optional and not a requirement to attend the session.

The workshop will run for approximately 40 minutes, followed by a 20-minute Q&A session.

Wilma is a qualified nutritional therapist whose “bold and witty” nutrition approach is focused on getting your energy from flat to fabulous by making small simple achievable changes that add pleasure and don’t eliminate fun and joy. Her areas of expertise (and real experience) are all things post-partum and peri menopause. For more on Wilma and learn how to get your va va voom back, stop by @_mavericmotherhood on insta and

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