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egg academy - Know your worth with Mel MacIntyre

21 May 2024, 09:00 - 11:30
Online masterclass

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You likely started your business with big dreams and ambitions, and quickly realised that rapid growth is required not only for your business but for you too!

Your business is a reflection of you. It's the vehicle through which you give AND receive. To grow your business, create financial freedom and realise your full potential, it's not 'just' about your business strategy or pricing. Although of course that is really important. It's also about your inner game and how confident you feel in yourself and your services.

Don't worry, we've got you covered!

Step into the realm of feminine high performance and leadership with Mel MacIntyre, renowned Business Strategist and Executive Coach, as she unveils the keys to unlocking your business's true potential.

Key learning objectives:

  • YOU: Discover the pivotal role you play in your business's success and harness a potent process to amplify your confidence, make astute decisions, and embrace your true worth.
  • YOUR OFFERS: Craft a bespoke array of offerings, products, and services that set you apart in the market, fostering consistency in sales, service, and scalability without succumbing to burnout.
  • YOUR BUSINESS: Gain crystal-clear clarity on how money flows within your business, mastering the exact processes and strategies to ensure seamless operations and a steady influx of cash flow, clients, and customers.

As a participant, you'll receive a beautiful workbook filled with research-based, cutting-edge strategies and actionable processes, propelling you into immediate action and your path towards business growth. So, if you are ready to feel empowered and become more confident in your worth and ability demonstrate your unique value through your offerings, join us and secure your place in this masterclass.

Who should attend?

  • Women entrepreneurs seeking to unlock their full potential in business and personal growth
  • Women who want to be more confident with their decision-making
  • Women founders aiming for consistency in sales, service, and scalability without experiencing burnout
  • Women looking to start a business but unsure of the next steps to designing unique offerings and services that stand out in the marketplace
  • Business owners looking to scale their business and want to adopt strategies and processes that will attract clients

About Mel MacIntyre

Mel MacIntyre is a 2 x international bestselling author, keynote speaker, in-demand coach & business strategist, and the founder of The Feminine Edge Business Academy.

With 25+ years of experience as a leader, coach, and business consultant in a wide range of global businesses, Mel is on a mission to help women earn more money and claim their space without shame or self-doubt. Her favourite thing in the world is seeing a woman step fully into her power to create financial freedom doing the work they love.

Mel is also an Ambassador for Women’s Enterprise in Scotland using her voice to represent and promote women and their businesses and has been featured in the Guardian, Yahoo Life, and BBC along with many more publications.

Read more about Mel.

Remind me, what is the egg academy?

It's our destination for career and entrepreneurial empowerment. And, it's your comprehensive resource hub, designed to empower women with ambition to start and scale their business or progress in their careers.

From Human Resources and Finance to Investing, Marketing, Branding, and Knowing Your Worth, our series of webinars and masterclasses will offer expert guidance and practical insights to help you overcome the barriers in career progression and navigate every vital aspect of running a successful venture. Plus, when you join egg Academy, you'll become part of a vibrant community of like-minded women, learning together, supporting and inspire each other.

Whether you're a career-minded women, aspiring entrepreneur or seasoned business owner, egg academy will help unlock your full potential in the business world whilst providing an invaluable support network to facilitate your thinking and growth. Join us as we delve into the intricacies of entrepreneurship, offering actionable strategies and practical tools to fuel your success.

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