Building confidence and breaking the cycle - workshopPast event

Building confidence and breaking the cycle - workshop

22 May 2024, 13:00 - 15:00
egg & co - 23 Union Street, Edinburgh, EH1 3LR

Introducing a brand new 'break the cycle' workshop hosted by good egg, Laura Bremner, an Occupational Therapist and Wellbeing Coach.

What's the workshop all about?

You're frustrated.

You know something needs to change. You consider therapy but then the immediate crisis passes and you bump along until the next one.

You are worried about the investment and if it's 'something else you might fail at'.

Every day you promise yourself that things will be different… But the same things keep happening, and you react the same way.

Day in. Day out.

You feel stuck in a loop, with no way to get out. You know you need things to change, that YOU need to change. But the thought of figuring it all out on your own is exhausting. You have no time, or energy to add yet another thing into your life.

And anyway…these things never stick. Do they?

Imagine if....

  • You could pause to choose intentional actions
  • You understood YOUR patterns of behaviour and what was driving it
  • You could show up with your partner, children, friends and colleagues in the way you want to
  • If life didn't feel like you were bouncing from one crisis to the other

If you are sick fed up of repeating these behaviours and you’re ready to change…

The Break the Cycle Solution is the first step in breaking free and making changes that stick.

It gives you the knowledge and tools you need to break the cycles that keep repeating! The aim is to understand how our brains work and the link between what we think, how we feel and then how we react. The tools discussed are selected from a wide range of therapy types and modalities and are delivered in a creative and flexible way to allow you to create your own unique toolbox that suits you. You will also be given access to videos to support your learning and 4 future live online sessions with Laura to support the implementation of these new thought tools you are going to learn so you don't need to do this alone anymore... This session will make your daily life easier so you can free up some of that headspace for living!

Why are you running this workshop now?

We're celebrating mental health awareness month in May loud and proud over at egg HQ, and this 2 hour workshop with Laura is the perfect safe space to positively supercharge your wellbeing this month.


What's included in my ticket price?

  • Hands-on support and expert coaching from Laura with time held for your own questions at the end
  • 2 hours of interactive activities and learning in a small group setting of 6-10 people at egg & co-working
  • A free co-working pass for the whole day too, so you can come early to meet the others, or stay afterwards and chat to your new connections. We've got plenty of coffee, tea cakes and colourful murals for you to enjoy throughout our cosy space!

You can read more about Laura's experience and story in this news article on our website - it's clear she's got heaps of clinical experience from across the world ready to share with you all. Or, check out her business and reviews on our directory.

Laura Bremner Mental Health Occupational Therapist in Edinburgh

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