Laurie Macpherson Career Wing Woman
Laurie Macpherson Career Wing Woman

Laurie Macpherson Career Wing Woman

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Need some support to get your career moving? Looking to change career but no idea where to start? Let me help. I'm a career mentor and help smart women to find roles that they love at the salary that they deserve.

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Laurie Macpherson Career Wing Woman

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Laurie Macpherson Career Wing Woman

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LinkedIn & Job-finding Superstar!

Laurie is THE person you want in your corner if you're after a new role OR a business owner (like me) who wants to stand out on LinkedIn. Laurie has been my client for years (so I've heard all about her client success stories). I'm a Marketing Strategist and have taken her LinkedIn course to up my own skills as well as booking her to speak at my event in Edinburgh, Adventures In Marketing, where she was a huge hit. If you want someone dynamic, supportive and great fun to work with, who will actually get you that new job and/or help you love LinkedIn then don't hesitate to book her.

Niki Hutchison20 Jul 2023
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