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Hastate Design is a passionate planting design specialist. By gentle editing of the existing planting and by adding carefully researched plants, we create naturalistic garden designs, that provide interest all year round and are low maintenance. To achieve this, we bring our unique knowledge of plants, experience, passion and artistic sensitivity to your garden design project. We work with customers who are looking for a planting design that evolves through the seasons, encourages more wildlife into their gardens, and creates a space that feels more in tune with nature.

Kornelia, the founder of Hastate Design, has a background in history, art curation and illustration. She is very passionate about creating unique planting designs. She believes that with the current concerns about the environment, our gardens need to become more diverse and rich ecosystems. To achieve this, we need a more varied range of plants in our gardens and this ethos is reflected in the planting designs Kornelia creates for her clients.

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