Functional Medicine and Fertility Awareness Edinburgh
Functional Medicine and Fertility Awareness Edinburgh

Functional Medicine and Fertility Awareness Edinburgh

5 reviews

FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE Tired & brain fogged? Battling with migraines, PMS, IBS, anxiety? Low energy, low mood, low libido? Maybe it’s unwanted excess, disordered sleep or chronic conditions. It might be sub-fertility (please see below). If you have bodily symptoms that you’d like to work on, we have beautiful (but natural) biochemistry on our side.


FAM is a health-first approach to female overall health, and comes with rather attractive byproducts to help you achieve your reproductive health goals, no matter what they are. Looking to achieve OR avoid pregnancy – completely naturally – or simply gain balance in your hormonal and therefore overall health? Functional Medicine insight will be given throughout this package, as contrary to the mainstream narrative, we can heal ourselves from hormonal symptoms.

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Functional Medicine and Fertility Awareness Edinburgh

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Functional Medicine and Fertility Awareness Edinburgh

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Edinburgh, Scotland

Rated 5.0 based on 5 reviews


Great experience

I have been working with Louise for over a month now and I can’t recommend a functional medicine approach enough. It really has started to change my life for the better. It has reduced my Fibromyalgia, PMS and digestive symptoms massively and I now feel a lot more healthier and happier.

Lisa Proudfoot 13 Aug 2023

highly recommend

Highly recommend Louise Claire for functional nutrition and medicine! I’m as complicated as they come with my various health issues from fatigue, gut issues, hormones, allergies and more. The assessment was really thorough and went through all my concerns and needs, the forms I filled out beforehand were very in depth which Louise was able to go deeply into the appointment over the various health concerns I had. Generally feeling so much healthier and in control of my health without being as relient on medications which I couldn't have done without her help, thank you!

Astrid Jansen19 Aug 2023

Changing the game

Booking with Louise has been the best decision I made this year. Working with her is something completely different. She has astonished me with her perspicacity and insight, and is helping me to tackle health problems I believed were intractable. I feel better already, am sleeping better than I have in years, and can honestly say that I have not experienced a food craving since I started eating properly. The system is easy to use, logical and provides everything you need to keep you on track. I strongly recommend this to anyone.

Helen Campbell06 Sep 2023

Very Interesting

It has been great working with Louise Claire and learning about my hormonal heath and how it is connected to my health overall. It is so interesting that you can work with your body to heal it without the need for medicine that often doesn't help. Looking forward to continuing my journey with Louise Claire and a new healthier me.

L Rees20 Sep 2023

Great experience with Louise Claire

Really enjoying working with Louise Claire. She has lots of knowledge and a user friendly way of presenting this information. It’s a very friendly and non judgemental space. I would describe her work as a breath of fresh air. Looking forward to learning more. Thanks

Holly Edwards09 Oct 2023
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