Mama’s Worth Counselling
Mama’s Worth Counselling

Mama’s Worth Counselling

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Specialised counselling for pregnant women and new mums to help them make the journey into motherhood easier as well as support for new mums in their own home. Specialised approach for birth, baby loss and trauma. Sessions available in English and German at Mulberry House or online.

Mulberry House, 21 Manor Place, EH3 7DX

Rated 5.0 based on 2 reviews


Support for anxiety and postnatal depression

I was in a very dark place when my baby was born. I didn't enjoy the time with him and felt so much shame and guilt for not being a perfect mum. It took a while to admit that I needed help as I felt I could and needed to do it all by myself. ​ Counselling with Katalin has proven to be invaluable for my journey to getting better and it`s thanks to the work I was able to do with her that I can now enjoy this new life as a mum. I know I don`t have to be perfect and it's been such a freeing learning curve to shake off all the expectations of what I should be as a mother and woman.

Katy C17 Aug 2023

I'm so grateful!

Katalin started supporting me when I found myself drowning in the challenges of postpartum. And I'm so grateful! She has beautifully held a nurturing and supportive space for me to explore my feelings, not only to find a more balanced and healthy emotional state, but that has also helped to start healing old wounds and trauma. I'm grateful for the anchor that our regular sessions provide. I'm a much healthier person and mother thanks to Katalin's support, and I feel like I can show up for my partner, daughter and myself from an increasingly calmer and more grounded place.

Sara Ferreira08 Sep 2023
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