George st wellness clinic
George st wellness clinic

George st wellness clinic

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Nancy Williams-Foley's therapy business is truly unique and offers a comprehensive approach to well-being. With an impressive 30 years of experience, Nancy's expertise as an acupuncturist and counsellor allows her to address a wide range of conditions. Her focus on acupuncture for pain management, hormonal regulation, and alleviating symptoms of ADHD and anxiety sets her apart. Additionally, Nancy's ability to teach emotional regulation, self-compassion, and address issues like low confidence and imposter syndrome showcases her dedication to holistic care. Clients can find solace in the positive testimonials on her website, which reflect the tangible benefits others have experienced through their work with her. Nancy's diverse skill set and whole-system approach make her therapy business truly exceptional.

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George st wellness clinic

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George st wellness clinic

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101 George street, EH2

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Nancy is a true Healer

I started going to see Nancy for acupuncture based pain relief due to a slipped disc in my back. We have met many times now and she is very much with me on this journey of pain relief as well as self discovery. She stays focused and connected the entirety of every session. She also reflects and comes up with plans between meetings to make each session more successful. Nancy is a great communicator, listener, and healer, which is a very special gift. I am so grateful to have found Nancy and discovered acupuncture under her expert care.

Nichole Marsh12 Jun 2023
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