Evolve Pilates and Rehabilitation
Evolve Pilates and Rehabilitation

Evolve Pilates and Rehabilitation

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We offer fun, physio led online and in-person Pilates. With a background in neurological rehabilitation our classes have a strong emphasis on how the brain works to produce normal movement. We utilise techniques to challenge balance, co-ordination and body awareness as well as stability, mobility, strength and flexibility. All participants will complete a health screening questionnaire and link in with the team to ensure the classes and exercises are safe for you. Modifications of exercises will be explained and reviewed with you for a unique, personal experience.

These classes are designed and delivered by a senior Physiotherapist and suitable for everyone, even if you are living with a long term health condition that makes exercise challenging, we can bring this wonderful movement therapy safely to you. We strive to bring you varied and fun classes to keep you motivated and most importantly enjoying your Pilates practise.

Edinburgh, EH1

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