Deany Judd: It's All Story!
Deany Judd: It's All Story!

Deany Judd: It's All Story!

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This is a whole different approach to mental health When we see that we’re born with mental health, that we’re innately healthy and that when we feel anxious, stressed, depressed what has happened- regardless of how we feel -is that we’ve got caught up in thought, our low thinking falls away to reveal what’s been there all along. I’ve had the pleasure of working with people with all sorts of problems – anxiety, stress, alcohol reliance, teens, parenting problems … the list goes on . BUT the answer is always the same! When we see the role story plays in our lives and always has, problems drop away very quickly and leave us with a whole new relationship with life. This is a different way of looking at how the mind works – it’s a description, not a prescription but boy oh boy, is it powerful!


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