Awakening Through Horses – Personal Transformation
Awakening Through Horses – Personal Transformation

Awakening Through Horses – Personal Transformation

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Hi, my name is Midi Fairgrieve, and I am a counsellor, trauma therapist, and equine assisted therapist offering personal development supported by the wisdom of the horse.

I work both online and / or outside in the field with the horses to help you navigate change and develop a life you feel passionate about. We will work together to explore what might be holding you back and help you find the truest expression of who you are.

Why collaborate with horses you might ask? Because the presence and spirit of the horse speeds things up. Horses accelerate personal growth because they instantly respond to how we show up in the world. They mirror and magnify our patterns of behaviour, revealing hidden or suppressed emotions and conditioned beliefs. Horses see us for who we truly are, offering immediate, non-judgmental feedback, allowing us to see ourselves more deeply and gain self-understanding through their presence.

Collaborating with horses in a therapeutic process is an opportunity to experience the transformational healing power of the horse, outside of the traditional therapeutic environment. I call it Awakening Through Horses because that is what happens during the sessions, an awakening to yourself.

If you’re ready to let your soul come alive with a renewed passion for life, I invite you to come on a transformational journey with me and the horses.

East Lothian, EH

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