Art and Spirituality
Art and Spirituality

Art and Spirituality

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Art and Spirituality Centre is your sacred nest in Edinburgh to become an Inner Explorer and Soul Painter within your Heart. A space for Creativity and Well-being with a beautiful renovated Studio Room, Therapy Room and a vegan cafe. A space where to find healing, inspiration, self-expression and nourishment for your body and spirit through healthy food, classes, workshops and therapies run by different facilitators. Yoga, Shamanism, Meditation, Pilates, Art, Sound bath, Therapies, Healing and more. Art is Spirituality and Spirituality is Art linked by the Beauty of your Heart. Art is your work-out to express outwards your hidden emotions and Spirituality is your work-in, your self-development and inner healing. Art is not Creativity if you just paint an object without your heart, like repeating a mantra is not Spiritual if it’s mechanical and there is no intention behind. By adding color to a ray of light that you are painting, you are simply giving a shape of Beauty to the Deep meaning and by using your heart, when you are expressing yourself, you start your inner healing. Kandinsky used to say: A triangle is not a shape only, it has a spiritual value in it. Beauty is the equivalent to the Revelation that applies to a spiritual awakening. The beauty of colors has the same potential of the revelation of your inner awakening.

6-8 Alexander Drive, EH11 2HR

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